Does Disney own Harry Potter?

As we know, Disney keeps taking over various entertainment industries in the market, even including music, theatre, television, and sports as well. Disney is such a big company that it can buy rights from any of the companies it wants. But till now, Disney has never decided to own Harry Potter movies. Ever wondered why a profitable company like Disney has not yet gotten rights from WarnerBros.Entertainment? As you all know, the Wizarding World theme park franchise is owned by Warner as it is a conglomerate of the media WarnerBros-Entertainment.  

The author of the Harry Potter series novel/movies, J.K. Rowling had gotten offers from Disney, but it was a big failure. They offered a small place of Harry-Potter themed park or attraction in Disneyland. But, compared to the offer given by Warner, Disney’s offer was a mere thing. So, it was of no surprise when J.K. Rowling accepted the offer of Universal Studios along with WarnerBros-Entertainment. The offer of Universal Studio was much immersive and huge than Disney’s. In this way, Disney lost its chance to collaborate with the author of the Harry Potter series. So, Disney does not own the right to the Harry Potter films or even the franchise of Wizarding World created and designed by the UniversalCreative. 

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