Alcohol intake while gambling: here’s what’s bad about it

Gambling plus drinking seems like a great combination, doesn’t it?

On the contrary, sipping alcohol isn’t a good idea for your gambling endeavors in the long run. Before you bring out those key points for an argument on why taking a pint of beer while playing your favorite game doesn’t hurt, we’ve listed out some facts that confirm alcohol and gambling don’t mix.

You lose your ability to think rationally

Winning is a huge part of gambling besides the entertainment value. Whether you play at a physical casino or an NJ online casino, you need a clear mind if you want to make headway. When you’re sober, you tend to think more rationally. On the other hand, if you’re a tad intoxicated, your brain and all its thinking facilities become fuzzy. The end result ismany bad decisions.

Although outcomes on slots and table games rely on luck, you can make a rational decision to call it quits when on a losing streak.

Sadly, with alcohol intake, you could miss the right time to end your gaming session, thus coming up on bigger losses.

Memory loss

Alcohol has the tendency to leave you with fuzzy memory. Remember the feeling of waking up in the morning after a night out at the bar. Well, that’s the effect alcohol has on your brain.

Although this is a common scenario, we aren’t talking about the morning memory fog alone. With alcohol in your system, your memory begins to play tricks on you, albeit subtly at first. As it becomes more pronounced, you begin to lose track of important values, including your set casino bankroll, what you’ve won, and how much the house has taken from you. Thus, you tend to gamble more.

When you realize you’ve exceeded your budget, it might be too late.

The danger of a gambling addiction

Finding yourself neck-deep in a gambling addiction might just be the summation of regular alcohol intake as you place bets. We’ll give credence to a 2019 study conducted by a university in England to buttress this claim.

According to the study, players who consumed alcohol while gambling were more likely to chase their losses. On the other hand, those that had a placebo didn’t commit to this endeavor.

Besides this, scientific research has revealed that alcohol in the human system leads to the release of dopamine — a chemical that makes you feel elated about yourself. The more alcohol you take, the more dopamine your body releases. Thus, you tend to wager more to keep experiencing that feeling.

If you don’t make deliberate efforts to curtail your alcohol intake, you’ll fall within the ambits of problem gambling in no time at all.


While the regular phrase is “Don’t Drink and Drive,” there’s a need for a similar mantra in the gambling arena — Don’t Drink and Gamble. The negatives of this activity outweigh the positives by a mile (if there are any at all).

Therefore, before you commence wager placement, do away with any alcoholic substances around you. This way, you’re more alert, giving you the luxury to bet responsibly, whether at land-based or online casinos.