How To Know If You Are Cursed?

Have you ever wondered, “am i cursed” for no reason? I’m sure we all think about it now and then when things aren’t going according to plan or schedule. 


So, what is a Curse?


A Curse is a form of spell that is actually driven by a person’s darker emotions with an ill intention towards another person. The target for a curse can be a location, an object, or even a person. 


Well, you should know that a curse can follow the target even after the death of a person, for his or her next incarnation. A curse will surely harm the target once set, by any means possible. Do you want to find out whether you have been cursed or not? Read more to find out. 


How To Know If You Are Cursed?


We all have seen the energy which is shown in the movies, but you should remember that it can also happen to anyone in reality. When a person is free from a curse, he or she will be different than they were before. Whenever you try to be in touch with a person who is controlling, you need to know that you can also be the target of the curse. The energies can be really harmful if a person is very jealous of you. Their negative energies can meet bad intentions and have wicked plans for others. 


Some people might feel that good-luck is with them, always. Suddenly you might have bad feelings and even bad days for several days. Do you ever feel that bad luck isn’t coming from taking the wrong decisions in life? It might cause other issues like breakups in relationships or having financial problems. It can also happen even if you lose a good job. You should definitely watch out for somebody who has a negative influence over you. 

How To Know If You Are Cursed? 

How to know if you are cursed? – Am I Cursed Quiz


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