Minute Antique Bangles Malabar Gold

The use of colors like blue, green, and dark red makes it more colorful than the regular mangalsutra gold patterns we have seen. You must have seen in movies and TV serials that women would love to go for the single Stone Gold mangalsutra patterns. It’s suitable for women who like traditional royal designs like older mature women. It’s also suitable to be teamed up with other gold jewelry on your neck for parties and other festive occasions. It’s one of the best-looking designs with pearls and gold in a mangalsutra. This is why the craze for single or

two-stone mangalsutra is getting high this season. On the sides, there are two chains which makes it durable and not easily breakable.

In this pattern, black beaded only side chains are attached with a center stone. The floral design with leaves is the center pendent area made out of gold, and the single black beaded chains are on the sides. The design comes with double beaded side chains with an earring-shaped pattern in the center. It has to beaded black chain on the sides with some gold in between, and the pendent piece has antique haram 2 floral designs with golden beads and pearl beads. Our offerings in this segment include the Lakshmi peacock pendant, Pacchi puligoru peacock pendant, 22kt gold Rajalakshmi pendant, etc. Golden vanki, vaddanam, and Jada enjoy extensive preference in South India as the most preferred South Indian Jewellery.

The coin-style mangalsutra designs are very popular in South India. Each Jewelry image has one inch by one-inch square grid approx 2.54mm x 2.54mm in the background to give an exact size idea; our online catalog shows the true quality of handmade Silver jewelry in India. With the onset of the festive season, it is the time to sparkle your way to dazzling, glittering days and nights with the latest Silver jewelry trends, which cannot be missed. It is relatively new to the jewelry market, so it cannot be found in every jewelry store. Antique long necklace set refers to the ancient jewelry style or designs. Today, fashion jewelry is much more popular among women than any other type of Jewellery.