What are the qualities of each hogwarts house?

The four Hogwarts houses – Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, are known for their noble and dark things. It also defines the characteristics of the members they accommodate.

Every Pottermore has its favorites and desires to participate in the official Hogwarts house quiz more than once. All the characters in each house possess different personas and qualities that made the Sorting Hat sorts based upon their positive and dark traits.

The quizz boom short read narrates the qualities of each Hogwarts house that aids to be edifying for partaking in the Hogwarts house quiz. Read on to know more.

Best traits of Gryffindor

The most legendary house of the Harry Potter series because it accommodates the franchise’s heroic characters. The school has several positive qualities that best suits the series’ residing heroes.

The characters are valiant, who are ready to face the dangers, pain, and fears. Gryffindor’s can boldly handle and manage challenging situations. They are adventure-loving personalities always on the lookout for thrill and fun. 

Negative traits of Gryffindor

Their good qualities lead to some of their unpleasant characteristics. The golden badge house is known for its stubborn nature, which can sometimes narrow down their thinking process. Besides, these house members are hot-headedemotionalshort-tempered, and reckless

Best traits of Hufflepuff

The most misinterpreted and underrated Harry Potter house that faces many stereotypes for not producing legendary wizards. Cedric Diggory, Tonks, and Scamander rule out these stereotypes.

Hufflepuff personalities are known for their hard work and reliability. You cannot find a loyal and generous friend than these characters. They are humble and also accept any work challenge to deliver the best possible results. They are sensiblerationalunbiased, which gives them a crack, but it is a splendid trait.

Negative traits of Hufflepuff

It is an extensively criticized house despite a lot of admirable traits. They cling to others and cannot voice their thoughts or opinions on the grounds of avoiding the conflict they think they might create. They lack individuality and have low self-esteem.

Ravenclaw Best Traits

They are intellectual, smartcreativewittyeccentric, and always take pride in belonging to this Hogwarts. Are you a Ravenclaw fanatic? Then these facts help you enter into the Hogwarts house quiz.

Ravenclaw Negative Traits

They are coldintrovertsextremely judgemental, and obsessed with perfection. It is a very unpleasant thing that they criticize other houses for not being intellectual like them. Their obsession with perfection makes them fussy, and they end up spending time on worthless things.

Best qualities of Slytherin

The Slytherin is often pronounced as an evil house because they only produce obscure wizards, which is not true as some possess remarkable traits. 

The notion of this Harry potter house is to be ambitiousstrive for success and excellence, and frame down more realistic goals, and try to accomplish them. They have a knack for wise utilization of resources during any critical situation. These people are born leaders and have innate qualities of loyalty.

Negatives of Slytherin

The Voldemort (Tom Riddle) is the nastiest dark wizard produced by this house with several wicked qualities. The house is of a selfishhorriblecold, and unkind nature. They are arrogant people but not in a similar way to Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. 


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